Pet Care

Here’s How You Clean Your Rabbit’s Ears

Wondering what is the best way to clean your rabbit’s ears? We have got you covered. Follow the below given tips on how to clean your rabbit’s ears.

  • Handle with care

It is very vital that an adaptation period is given for rabbits new in your house. This is how they will settle and get used to your home environment. One of the most important aspects is learning how they are handled by their new family.

Here, handling doesn’t mean that you cuddle with them without getting scratched but treating them with the utmost care and love without getting stressed. While you are petting them, make sure those ears are given some good rubs too.

If you are unsure about the cleaning process of ears, consult a vet and ask them what is the best procedure to go ahead with. Since there are many breeds of rabbit, the process may vary from a breed to breed. As rabbits are restless, make sure you are not surprising them. You will have to put in efforts and encourage them to get accustomed to you. To bond with your rabbit, offer them small treats when they come near you to get petted.

  • Cleaning the ears

To clean your rabbit’s ears start cautiously and be gentle at all times. Get a recommendation from your vet and choose the right product for your rabbit. Make sure that the product is designed especially for rabbits and it comes in a bottle with a spray nozzle. After you have got the bottle, equip yourself with some gauze and small towels. Make sure that your stuff is within your reach and you don’t have to get up to get stuff and leave your rabbit in the middle of the session unattended. You can get help from someone if you are doing it for the first time.

Do not get hasty with cleaning. Start with one ear at a time. Squirt a small amount of spray in your rabbit’s ear canal. After you are done spraying, give a massage to the base of the ear and let the solution find its way in. The massaging helps your rabbit relax.

Close up of hands of skillful veterinarian examining the rabbit. He is touching its ears

Since rabbits are not used to liquid getting sprayed in their ears, they are likely to shake their head. Don’t be worried as it just an odd sensation for them and doesn’t do them any harm. Just try to keep their head in a still position and let liquid do its magic. Wipe out any excess liquid using small towel or tissues kept nearby. Using a gauze, reach into the rabbit’s ear canal and remove any dirt or earwax very gently.

Cleaning a rabbit’s ears is a very difficult task, therefore you will have to be very patient with your rabbit. Though rabbits have a habit of cleaning each other, sometimes self-cleaning may be too difficult for them if they become too dirty. If you are facing problems bathing your rabbit, then it will be difficult for you to keep them in the best health conditions.

  • Signs to look out for

Now that you know how to clean your rabbit’s ears, you should also know the signs to look out for to tell whether they are in good condition or not. A rabbit’s ears should be soft, perfectly shaped and slightly pinkish in the canal area. Pay a keen attention that they are not wounded or have any secretions of any type.

Conversely, you will also have to be on the lookout for any signs that indicate ears’ poor conditions. Check if they are shaking or tilting their head regularly. This indicates that there might be something wrong with their ears. If they are troubled by a problem with their ears, they are likely to rub them against their hutch or cage and try to get rid of it on their own.

If there are any secretions on inner ear you will have to treat them fast. One good way to identify is, check whether their ears give out any bad smell, if they are, take your rabbit to a vet and get those ears treated quickly. There might be ticks or mites in your rabbit’s ears which should be dealt with immediately. You will have to look after wounds, thickened skin and scabs or hair loss and consult a vet as these are signs of dermatological problems. One good way you can counter this is using some cheap safety scissor for rabbits fur and ensuring their fur stays soft and shiny.