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Pet Insurance: Is it Worth it?

Every person that has taken their pet to the veterinarian has been handed the pamphlet on pet insurance. Most of us look at this piece of paper with a blank expression, unaware that pet insurance is a real thing. However, because so many of us consider our pet as part of our family, we begin to see the importance of insurance for our pet. But, is pet insurance really worth the cost?

Is Pet Insurance a Good Purchase?

With veterinarian bills being outrageous, many people are left wondering whether pet insurance help reduce the costs. The answer as to whether pet insurance is worth the price tag is debatable. So, yes and no. Purchasing pet insurance depends directly on your situation, and of course, your pet’s personal needs. According to veterinarian Jean Maixner “If you get the right policy, it can be an asset to the healthcare of that pet and have a significant impact on the bill that results from a visit in an emergency situation.”

There are many instances that people simply cannot afford treatment for their pets. This, in turn, leads to those animals being euthanized. Which, many veterinarians say, could have been avoided had these owners simply purchased pet insurance. However, consumers do not see it this way.

While pet insurance typically cost over $300.00 yearly or $5,000.00 in a pet’s lifetime. Many consumers see this as a ploy to simply take money from seemingly healthy pets that will never rack up a bill even remotely in the ballpark of $5,000.00. So, you may want to obtain financial information and pet health plans by checking out places such as

However, on the other hand, there are many pets out there who in fact have multiple and ongoing health issues. These pets inflict financial strikes against their owners repeatedly. In this instance, it would be wise to purchase pet insurance for their furry friend. A dog who needs constant medication or surgery for an ongoing issue is going to rack up large veterinarian bills throughout its life.

While many experts warn that you cannot predict an accident in your pet’s lifetime, many people still opt to take the risk and avoid buying pet insurance altogether. Many consumers do not want to pay for the ‘what ifs’. Making the decision to purchase pet insurance can be a difficult decision both emotionally and a financially, but there is always help to guide those conflicted toward the right decision. The Penny Hoarder has an article that may help you decide if you should purchase pet insurance or not.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is simple. The decision of buying pet insurance is solely up to the individual. Many of us feel we do not require pet insurance for our beloved animals, while others find it a necessity. To make the best decision possible, a pet owner should look at their individual situation, their pet’s health, and their financial situation, in order to decide whether pet insurance is the right decision in their household.


What are the causes of liver disease in cats and dogs?

Having pets is fun but having the pets with some disease can be very stressful for you as the animal is just like a little baby and you have to provide for everything for him and take good care for him to make sure he recovers soon and in time. However the timely treatment and precautions can help save your pet from getting diseased in the first place. Training your pets to keep themselves clean and to train those to stay away from contamination can play a helpful role in maintaining good health.

Talking about the diseases, we see that the most common diseases in pet dogs and cats is the liver disease in which they start losing weight and appetite or vomit or get sick a lot. Being the owner or the parent of the pet, it is important to make sure that your pet remains healthy and to avoid him getting into the liver disease, you need to know yourself in the first place what causes it. Once you know the causes you will be able to avoid it. Even if the disease has attacked your pet, you can make use of the liver healing supplements to get your dogs to heal. The famous remedy is the denamarin for cats and dogs that help heal the liver and build it up so that it starts acting well soon enough.

Liver acts like a filter for the body and it helps remove all the toxins and harmful chemicals from it while on the other hand it helps in the regulation of the blood to all the parts of the body. Now if you are wondering what causes the liver malfunction then these are the answers.

  • Your pet might have swallowed some toxin and now its liver is paying the price for it
  • It could be some toxin that the pet has digested due to viral or parasitic invasion
  • The intake of too many processed and fatty foods can also result in causing the liver malfunction in your pet
  • The food additives added to the artificial food is also toxic for the livers of these pets
  • Some household used chemicals such as pesticides, moth killers and other such deworming medication can also give a terrible time to the tummy and the liver of your pet
  • Simple bacteria and viruses can also infect the liver of your pet