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8 Tips To Keep Your Cat Forever Young

You may have noticed that your cat is getting calmer as the years go by; does not play much and increases periods of rest and sleep. The truth is that the life expectancy of cats is less than that of humans and it is up to us to live the best possible way.

There are many factors that help increase the life expectancy of your pet. That is why we will give you 8 tips to keep your cat always young.

Medical exams

When your cat reaches an age when he or she is already considered elderly by the age of 10, it is advisable to perform tests to determine your overall health. These tests can identify possible diseases or problems that may arise because of age.


Give your cat special food. It will not hurt if you give meat or some treat as a reward, but check with your veterinarian for the most recommended foods and the amount your cat should ingest in relation to its age. Look most nutritious food for your cat at

Monitor possible diseases

It is very important to observe the behavior of your pet at home. Cats are experts at hiding diseases until it’s too late. Take time to examine your pet. Look for irregularities or signs of weight loss or muscle mass in body.

Weight control

The obesity affects both animals and humans. The overweight animal has a lower quality of life than an animal that has its ideal weight.

Being overweight can cause many health problems in your cat when he reaches old age. The heavier, heart will suffer the impact of it.

Try to keep it in the house.

There are many reasons why animals that live outdoors are less likely to reach advanced adulthood compared to pets living indoors. Infectious diseases, poisonings and traumas are common killers.

Monitor where the animal lives

Keep poisons out of the reach of animals. All products that you use to clean your home are toxic and can cause death.

Also prevent them from scouring the trash, because they may find some trace of these or other products that can be harmful. An oversight on your part can be very dangerous.


Exercise is essential to maintain body weight, force your joints, muscles and keep you active. You can also stimulate your cat’s brain with toys and spend quality time with it.

Castrate your cat

Sterilized animals have fewer health problems. In female cats, it will prevent the development of urinary diseases or cancer in the reproductive organs.

In male cats, in addition to degenerative diseases, will reduce the tendency to leave home to find a partner and suffer accidents in the middle of the road.

Pet Care

Is Poultry Farming A Good Business Idea?

Raising a business is not easy to step and for funding, it is a very hard step in anyone’s life as they are investing the cash in something and it requires lots of hard work and tricks to make it successful. And for that, we have to think about it twice or even thrice and proper working should be proper as well. Now a day’s poultry farming is coming out the best business trend throughout the world because chicken is the most eaten foot out of meat and protein things. First, you have to start up as a small startup than go for a big investment. We have to consider some advantages and disadvantages before going into the business startup. Poultry farming is very much famous and if it has done in a proper way with proper Poultry Equipment the when can get a lot of profit and benefit out of it.

Advantages of poultry farming

  • Multiple resources

Chicken farming is a very good choice if you want to profit and as well as u want multiple options for profit, for chicken meat and for eggs both consumed in our society throughout the world on a daily basis

  • Chicken reduce the stress level

Chicken have a tendency to reduce the stressing level from their surroundings. as it has low cholesterol level which helps them to reduce stress as well as they are so flimsy they show that nothing is perfect in the world so clumsiness is a normal thing because failure helps to gain the success in the future.

  • Profitable

As eggs are eaten on daily basis throughout the world as many hens you have the more quantity of eggs you have so the production of eggs and high breed of hens can give you high quality of egg which profits you a lot, same goes for chicken meat.

Disadvantages of poultry farming

  • Time-consuming investment

The chickens should be placed at the night time to maintain a strategic distance from predators. Somebody should feed them for you on the off chance that you take some time off to feed them. Without enough nourishment, water, and coarseness, your opportunity as a poultry rancher will be short.

  • Hygiene issue

If there is no proper cleanliness in the area where they are breeding this may cause lots of daisies like swine flu and others which is also very dangerous for the health of humans.

Poultry equipment we need before starting up this business

  1. Poultry farmhouse is very important in order to feed and set up the area where hens live and get nourished.
  2. Incubator
  3. Feeder where you give then feed and they get healthy nutrition
  4. Water pot water is an essential part of every being alive.
  5. Heater to maintain the body temperature otherwise they become sick.
  6. Laying nests
  7. Egg handling nest
  8. Fencing to protect from predators.
  9. Flooring neat and clean flooring makes animals more hygiene and saves them from diesel.
  10. Coops and cages there are many companies who create coops and cages choose the best one according to your need.