Pet Food

How to Buy the Right Pet Food?

It might seem to be a Herculean task choosing the right pet product from the sea of options available. For choosing the perfect pet product, you have to look into the diet of your pet. Deciding the pet’s diet is not an easy task as it is based on an array of factors like age, breed, or health issues of the pet along with the budget, personal preferences, ethical or moral standards. No single diet or food can be considered to be best for pets.

Here Are the Factors Based On Which You Must Buy Pet Food

  • The Requirement for a Pet: The kind of diet you select for your pet depends on his health, activity level and age. If your pet has special needs, then you should discuss his or her diet with a veterinarian as not all cats and dogs require similar diets just like human beings. If your pet is losing hair or suffering from gastrointestinal problems, it is essential to take suggestions from a reputed veterinarian for ruling out non-dietary issues.
  • Ingredients Present: When you go for buying pet food you should take note of the ingredients listed on the package of the pet food products. It is recommended to look at the top five ingredients listed on the package as these have highest nutrient content and are present in maximum amounts. These would be grains, protein, fats, and The ingredients present at the bottom of the list are in small amounts. The negligible elements added to the list are purely from the point of view of marketing and add no real value to the pet product.
  • Choose Superior Quality Proteins: While selecting pet products from reputed brands such as Right Pet, it is essential to choose a package that contains high-quality proteins. The proteins are listed either as sources of whole meat such as lamb, beef, chicken or salmon or as the by-products like the fatty tissues or organs. Soy is another source of protein that is used in pet food. Some cats and dogs can digest soy protein while others produce gas. Thus it is essential to know about the protein-related allergy of your pet before buying the pet food products.
  • Meat By-Products are Fine: By-products are that part of animals that are marketed for the consumption of humans. Feeding pets with meat by-products may apparently seem unappealing but they are fine from a nutritional point of view.
  • Consider Grains: Grains are easily listed in the package as either grain meal or source of whole grain. Barley, rolled oats or brown rice are the common grains present in the pet food products. Many of the pet owners tend to avoid certain grain types such as corn or wheat or grains altogether. However, if your pet does not suffer from any particular allergies, grains are beneficial for the cats and dogs and they can digest it easily.
  • Look for Right Fats: The high-quality sources of fat comprises of chicken fat, flaxseed oil, fish oil or beef. If the fat is acquired from a specific source, it is named on the label of ingredients as a source. Look for the high-quality sources of fats before purchasing pet foods.

These are some of the factors you need to consider for buying the right pet food for your pet.

Pet Care

How to choose an automatic dog feeder

Dogs also have their particularities and when choosing a feeder for them you must take into account each of these characteristics so that you select the most appropriate. When it comes to dogs, when buying, you might want to take a look at these aspects that will surely facilitate your purchase by helping you in making an accurate decision.

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Kind of food:

At the time of selecting it is essential that you take into account the habits of your dog. If you are breeding it with dry food then a croquette dispenser for dogs is the most appropriate, but if your dog eats wet food you will have to make sure that the chosen feeder works well with this type of food. There are, of course, feeders that store wet food, however, they require ice packs to keep the food refrigerated and prevent it from getting damaged quickly, although they are an option they are not the most appropriate to dispense food for a long time. If your pace of life does not allow you to be at home to feed your pet directly, perhaps the ideal would be to create dry animal habits in the animal, you will be calm and the pet satisfied.

Come and take it:

Even if they are fainting from hunger, there are trained dogs that do not go to look for food if it is not when they hear their owner call them or when they hear the noise of food falling into the bowl. Others even go when they are encouraged with affectionate words, so that, in those cases, it is appropriate that you get a feeder that allows you to record these voice commands that will be activated at the programmed times to pour the food into the feeder.

Pup size

This information is essential when choosing a feeder. If your dog is almost your size when standing on two legs then a sturdy feeder is the option, otherwise, sooner rather than later, you will find it scattered around the house because your “puppy” has wanted an extra sandwich. When it comes to large dogs a strong feeder and reasonable height so that the dog can not easily reach it, is the most acceptable option. Small dogs go with almost any feeder, but if they are naughty make sure that the height of the dispenser will not be reached so easily.


One of the main recommendations of the veterinarian at the time of selecting a feeder is that it has the appropriate height level for the comfortable feeding of your dog, the idea is that the animal takes advantage of most of what is on the plate and eat with comfort, so that the dispenser should not be too low because, while chewing dogs tend to raise your head so you better have a feeder that does not bother or hurt him, also, with a raised bowl the head lifts will be minors because there will be no need for that. A bowl with a certain degree of elevation will make the dog eat more easily and wear less your floors accumulating dirt and bacteria that can then affect the health of the pet.

Assembly challenges of an automatic dog feeder:

If you are not especially expert in the assembly and assembly of these items, it is best that you pay attention to this detail before taking it home. For example, some do not have removable bowls, so cleaning them is more complicated, others carry batteries and even require installation of screws every time there is a need to change the battery. The ideal is to look at all aspects of maintenance and assess whether it serves you or not, it is not worth buying a device that will provide us with facilities. When finar you must select the most suitable for your pet and the one you find most comfortable to assemble, assemble and maintain to you.

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